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 Mister Bachir Henni, training as a chef, a registered culinary teacher (with plants and flowers), author of 4 books about cooking with flowers, the beverages with plants, the cosmetics and the popular medicine, passes his knowledge on all around the world. He' s been interested in the gastronomy with wild and biologically cultivated plants (flowers, stalks, roots and leaves) for 15 years. These years spent on botanical and culinary researches have allowed him to create about 200 recipes. Two books were born first : "La Toque Sauvage" and "La_cuisine_des_simples". Then two other ones followed to bring a wider horizon to his researches : "Les boissons ancestrales aux plantes" and "Soins de beauté des simples".

   His only purpose is to pass a popular know-how on and to protect a now forgotten patrimony. This activity is part of the promotion and the education of a "green" tourism.

   The only way to protect our environment is to know and understand our Nature, it needs us so. Let's love and protect it, and if we take it by the hand, it will guide us towards a better future for the next generations.

The earth is not gift from our parents, it's our children who lend it to us " (indian proverb).

Links : La Toque Sauvage  et  La cuisine des simples .  
Les boissons ancestrales aux plantes  et  Soins de beauté des simples .

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Dame nature à la votre
L'anthologie des boissons faites "maison"
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Herbier de plus de 120 plantes comestibles, 200 recettes, 120 aquarelles et 300 photos couleurs.



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